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Where each and every tone of blue and green are available, Antalya benefits from the most fertile part of Anatolia. Bringing the history of 2200 years, the town is one of the heavens of the world. Hosting numerous civilizations such as Romans, Phoenicia, Seljukians and Ottomans, the town still presents the heritage thereof. This magnificent town is deemed among the centers of attraction, which appeals to millions of tourists every year.

CNBC-e Business magazine featured Antalya in the second rank in the contest of habitable towns in Turkey, where 81 towns competed.

Visited by more than 10 million tourists annually, Antalya also hosts almost 50,000 foreigners as permanent residents, from a wide range of cultures.

Antalya International Airport offers direct flights to 500 points allover the world. During the summer season, 300 airplanes/day land in average. Being the second largest in the country Antalya airport is the window to the world.


Antalya, where located more than 400 (5*) offers a wide range of hotels more than many other countries. The flagship of Turkish tourism, Antalya has also a worldwide reputation.

The town is full of events 24/7. National parks, enormous historical heritages, and the awarded yacht marina makes the town a pearl of Mediterranean. The districts and holiday centers of the town take Antalya to the top rank of Turkish tourism.

Due to a special climate the town experiences three spring seasons and one summer season that allows people to enjoy 330 sunny days a year. Antalya is the core of sport tourism in Turkey, taking into consideration being preferred by tens of thousand of teams for camps.

Furthermore, history of the town introduces the heritages of antique cities such as Side, Myra, Termessos, where you can reach the spirit of a life in the past.


ANTALYA is the right choice for swimming, sunbathing, resting, sports and many other activities….